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Website Revision - a set of actions aimed at improving the visual, user and technical parameters of the resource. Sooner or later absolutely all sites face the need for this service. The most common reason is the obsolescence of the resource for such reasons:

  • Search engines regularly change their algorithms, so content, markup and meta tags no longer work 100%.
  • New IT trends are appearing - sites must comply with them not to lose high positions.
  • The requirements of users are changing as new services and functions appear.

Site Revision covers changes at the front-end and back-end levels, as well as in SEO-promotion.

The price of fine-tuning ranges from 700 rubles per hour.. It depends on the volume and complexity of revision.

In our company, a team of specialists work with Site Revision. Each of them tracks the latest IT trends, search engine algorithms and user requirements, and knows how to correctly implement all the changes. Over your project will work:


SEO Optimizer


Web Designer







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What does the site revision affect?

Everything that increases the site effectiveness, refers to its modernization, i.e., revision.

The main aspects:

  • Expansion of functionality.
  • Creation or revision of the mobile version of the site.
  • Changing the design or improving the interface.
  • Optimizing the site speed.
  • Transfer to another CMS, platform update.
  • Extension of the structure of the website.
  • Content update.
  • SEO-optimization
What does the site revision affect?
How to understand that the site needs revision?

How to understand that the site needs revision?

Features that indicate the need for modernization:

  1. Significant revisions were made 1-2 years ago.
  2. Behavioral factors are decreasing.
  3. Competitors are overtaking the functionality.
  4. The site does not quite meet the new requirements of search engine algorithms.

It is better not to delay with the revision, so as not to overpay for a large amount of work. Remember: without improvements you will lose much more than you spend on upgrades.

When should you contact us?

It is best to improve the site gradually and regularly, testing the design, functionality, content and tracking analytics. However, more often our customers order large-scale revisions, on which specialists of different profiles work.

Site revision is needed in such cases:

  • Website is outdated - visually, technically, information.
  • Rebranding the company.
  • A large expansion of the range, changing the list of services.
  • Entry into new markets.

Make your website faster and more efficient while maintaining its usability!

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Choose a convenient tariff for you

* Support types in tariffs are interchangeable, you can refuse from one of the available types of support and choose the desired one.

  • For one-time payment for a year you get a 15% discount.
  • For one-time payment for six months you get a 10% discount.
  • For a one-time payment for three months you get a 5% discount.

Hire employees or contact us?


At least 5 employees

are needed for the full operation of the site

"Web Programmer", "SEO Specialist", "Advertising Manager", "Designer" and "Content Manager"


At least £500

Salary of one employee, specialist


But employees are needed on an as-needed basis,

not all the time


From £2500

You will need to pay + taxes for each salary


£250 per month

You pay a fixed amount each month


You get specialists

in all areas you need


When you need them

For only £250 per month.


Cashless payment

i.e. official expense to the company!

In what cases do you need the site revision?

Modernization of a web resource can be conducted in the following areas:

  1. Expanding functionality. New tools are integrated into the site to make it more useful to users. Outdated services that slow down downloads are removed.
  2. Design changes or interface improvements. Every 5 years, you need a redesign to increase appeal, keep up-to-date and improve usability.
  3. Transfer to another CMS, platform upgrade. CMS affects the ease of administration and capabilities of the site. Sometimes, the expansion of functionality requires the transfer to another "engine".
  4. Transfer to another CMS, platform upgrade. CMS affects the ease of administration and capabilities of the site. Sometimes, the expansion of functionality requires the transfer to another "engine".
  5. Updating the content. Content should have an impact on promotion, provide benefits, encourage visitors to take targeted actions, to retain attention. If it does not do that, it should be replaced.
  6. Internal SEO-optimization. A specialist finds the main flaws in terms of optimization, eliminates them and implements new solutions to increase search traffic and raise the site up in search results.
Website revision is necessary when updating content.

Work with the site basis. In addition to updating structural elements, it is often necessary to make changes to the site basis. These include: Changing hosting and domain name; transfer to another platform; code validity revision.

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