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Site Revision on CMS Opencart

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Revision of the site on the Opencart platform is considered a popular service. The engine is popular among owners of online stores and other sites. This CMS is optimally suited for beginners with small online stores and serious businessmen with well-developed websites. With additional modules you can regularly expand functionality.

Over time, there is a need to customize and configure the web resource to your needs and expectations. To this end, involve professionals engaged in site revision. The work is aimed at improving its design, increasing efficiency.

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The benefits of professional revision

Site Revision on Opencart - responsible and difficult work, which will help to cope with our experts. Performing those or other tasks requires an accurate understanding of the software part of the site, the marketing components of its work. Site remodeling should not only solve technical problems, but also ensure the safety and security of the displayed site, holding or increasing positions in search results.

Site Revision on CMS Opencart
Site Revision on CMS Opencart

If you dream to create a popular online store, which will be trusted by thousands of customers, we can help you with that. Our specialists will do all the work qualitatively and in the shortest possible time, taking into account all the features of modern programming and regular technological updates.

Choose a convenient tariff for you

* Support types in tariffs are interchangeable, you can refuse from one of the available types of support and choose the desired one.

  • For one-time payment for a year you get a 15% discount.
  • For one-time payment for six months you get a 10% discount.
  • For a one-time payment for three months you get a 5% discount.

Hire employees or contact us?


At least 5 employees

are needed for the full operation of the site

"Web Programmer", "SEO Specialist", "Advertising Manager", "Designer" and "Content Manager"


At least £500

Salary of one employee, specialist


But employees are needed on an as-needed basis,

not all the time


From £2500

You will need to pay + taxes for each salary


£250 per month

You pay a fixed amount each month


You get specialists

in all areas you need


When you need them

For only £250 per month.


Cashless payment

i.e. official expense to the company!

Types of site  revision work

Revision of the resource will give it personality, expand functionality, attract customers, which will eventually help to increase the number of requests. The procedure also helps to perform deep server tuning. With this approach, the site will be able to respond to a large number of simultaneous incoming requests with a significant audience.

The need for fine-tuning is also associated with updating relevant information in the online store. It is a description of products, placement of photos, videos, prices, changes in structure and design, redesign. Such a wide list of works will be beyond the power of an ordinary user. To understand all the questions will take a lot of time and effort, and the result may not meet expectations. That's why it is recommended to resort to the help of professionals.

Specialists are able to qualitatively dp all necessary tasks:


Connection of payment systems.  There are many users, and everyone has his own preferences regarding payment methods. For someone it is better to use a bank card, and for someone it is easier to pay with cash on delivery. It is important to consider all possible options.


Connecting the CRM system. Synchronization with the internal software allows you to significantly improve the administration of the site, because most of the work will be done automatically - adding customers, making orders, removing items.


Setting up filters, delivery, payment.  For convenience and time saving it is necessary to set up the navigation system and filters, which will simplify the search for the necessary goods.


Adaptation. Mobile surfing today is considered popular and in demand. Many requests are made through the phone, so it is important to adjust the site to a small screen size. This will attract new customers. In addition, search engines promote sites that have a mobile version.


The online store redesign.  Each visitor of a web resource first of all pays attention to its design. If the online store has an unsightly design and confusing navigation, it is unlikely that someone will stay on it long, much less want to make a purchase. Choosing the right color palette can affect the consciousness and mood of the person. That is why companies often experiment with the site design.

There are also many other tasks to refine the site:

  • timely identification of bugs and their elimination;
  • installation of additional modules;
  • installing and configuring templates;
  • increasing the speed of loading pages;
  • transfer to another platform;
  • work with content;
  • site optimization for search engines.

Revision is considered a mandatory procedure that should be performed every 1-1.5 years.

Before doing the work, employees study in detail the specifics of the activity, which allows you to create an effective product. The site revision is carried out in several stages, for each of which an individual approach is developed. The result is a product that best matches the desired business idea. Professionals will take on the tasks of design, layout, programming, product and information content, seo-optimization and promotion.

If you notice that your site has become worse or something is missing, it is better not to delay with the revision , so then do not have to overpay for a large amount of work.

Improvement of the website on Opencart

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