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Setting up contextual advertising

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Advertising opportunities

ItemSearch advertising

Search advertising

ItemRemarketing / Retargeting

Remarketing / Retargeting

ItemAdvertising in Gmail (GSP)

Advertising in Gmail (GSP)

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Video ads

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Mobile App Ads

ItemMedia advertising

Media advertising

What is a contextual advertising site?

Context is conventionally divided into search and network advertising. However, in fact, in recent years, its capabilities, and hence the varieties have become much broader.

Varieties of contextual advertising are:

  • Search engines. Displayed before and after the main search results in Google and Facebook.
  • Ads in RSS and Google Ads. They are placed on web resources, mobile applications and affiliate platforms.
  • "Smart" banners in Facebook. Ads are formed on the basis of a file containing information about catalog items. The ad contains dynamic content.
  • Google Shopping Campaigns. Designed for e-commerce: goods are advertised in a card format with photos and prices.
  • Advertising in apps on mobile devices from Facebook and Google.Ads.
  • Banners displayed to the right of search results in Facebook.
  • Video ads. When running interactive ads through Google.Ads, YouTube can be the place to place them.



The text of the search advertisement is fully or partially consistent with the user's entered query.



Allows you to generate ads of the same type (which differ from each other in some parts)



A type of advertising focused on the visual perception of the audience. (using banners)

Setting up contextual advertising

The proper advertising setup is savings, cheap clicks and high conversions. The share of search context is greater than all other types. Ads are displayed in the search results, corresponding to a specific query directly at the time of the search.

The ad includes a headline, main text and a link to the site. Sometimes quick links to important pages of the website are also included: blog, catalog. The task of our marketers is to fit in these compact elements of maximum usefulness and information, convincing the user to follow the link and review your offer. They competently set up contextual advertising, acting on such an algorithm:

Peculiarities of contextual advertising setup:

  • The choice of a search engine and sites.
  • Selection of the type of advertising.
  • Composition of sales ads.
  • Selection of requests for which ads will be displayed.
  • Working through the minus words on a daily basis according to statistics reports.
  • Increase the CTR of the advertising campaign, and as a consequence of lowering the cost per click.
  • Analysis of the competitiveness of ads in your niche.
  • Setting the region of the show and the time frame.
  • Calculation of the cost per click and the total advertising budget.
Setting up a contextual advertising account

Setting up a contextual advertising account

Competitor analysis


Planning of advertising campaigns

Planning of advertising campaigns

Approval of Advertising Strategy

Approval of Advertising Strategy

Launch of advertisement

Launch of

Our staff does: setting up an account for advertising, analysis of competitors, developing a plan of advertising campaign, strategy approval, launching ads.

Contextual advertising and
analysis of the advertising company

Advertising campaign analysis


Benefits for you

When designing and launching the RC we take into account the requirements for it, the peculiarities of the business niche and relevant market research. That's why our contextual advertising gives you all the advantages:


More than 9 years of experience in internet marketing.


Applications start coming in as early as 1-2 days.


Flexible RC settings - we work only with the target audience.


Analysis of RC in Metric and Analytics to monitor the effectiveness of ads.


Fast return on investment with regular monitoring of the results.

How is it useful for business?

Control the success of your business

Control the success of your business

A new channel for attracting customers

A new channel for attracting customers

Increase profits

Increase profits

Stay close to your customers

Stay close to your customers



Contextual advertising is a type of online advertising in which an advertisement is shown in accordance with the content of Internet pages or in response to a search query.

To properly set up contextual advertising, you will need: collecting a semantic core, analyzing the target audience, setting up an account and creating advertisements.

There are 4 main types of contextual advertising:

  1. Search;
  2. Media;
  3. Trading;
  4. Advertising on YouTube.

The cost of contextual advertising depends on the complexity of the project, the competitiveness of the niche, the advertising budget and the number of advertising tools involved.

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You get specialists

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For only £250 per month.


Cashless payment

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