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Modern CMSs (content management systems) are universal tools that allow you to create both one-page web pages and large corporate portals. This is the basis around which the functionality and visual design of the site is built. Among others stand out favorably CMS Wordpress. This is one of the most flexible engines, allowing you to build from scratch exactly the kind of site you need for a particular task.

But to create a site and put it on the Internet - only half the battle. To make it work and bring income, you need to bring visitors to it. This is done by SEO-specialists. Their task is to adjust the site so that when you enter key queries in Google or Yandex, the resource page appears as close as possible to the first places.

Hire employees or contact us?


At least 5 employees

are needed for the full operation of the site

"Web Programmer", "SEO Specialist", "Advertising Manager", "Designer" and "Content Manager"


At least £500

Salary of one employee, specialist


But employees are needed on an as-needed basis,

not all the time


From £2500

You will need to pay + taxes for each salary


£250 per month

You pay a fixed amount each month


You get specialists

in all areas you need


When you need them

For only £250 per month.


Cashless payment

i.e. official expense to the company!

Peculiarities of SEO-optimization

There are two major types of promotion: targeting advertising and SEO promotion. Both tools can be used separately or together. But one of the key drawbacks of targeting is its price. For advertising to continue to be shown to target customers, you must constantly pay for it. At the same time, such ads (with the right setup of the advertising campaign) are shown to users potentially interested in the product.

SEO-optimization can be contrasted with targeting advertising. The main difference is that it shows website pages to everyone on the Internet, not just "hot" customers. How to relate it to the disadvantages, it is difficult to judge. But the advantages of optimization are undeniable: setting it up once, you do not need to pay anything. It works all the time.

seo Wordpress

SEO-optimization is about setting up the site internally. You don't need to negotiate with anyone or pay anyone. SEO includes:

  • Selection of keywords, which will be used for optimization;
  • Filling the site with texts optimized for specific queries;
  • Filling the meta-information in each material;/li>
  • Continuous monitoring of changes in search engines and reconfiguration of the optimization if Google or Yandex set up new rules;
  • Elimination of site bugs that prevent search engines to properly evaluate it;
  • Buying links to third-party resources to increase its respectability in the eyes of search engines;
  • Analysis of the dynamics of promotion and correction if necessary.

To get to the top of search results, you should take into account many characteristics of the resource and work on them. One example is the presence of a mobile version. If there is no mobile version, the search engine will show your site less to people coming in from mobile devices. Another is usability. Search engines track user behavior on the site. And from a resource that is uncomfortable to use, visitors will leave. For Google and Yandex, this point is important. So, improving the usability of the site - an important aspect of promotion.

What we do

To break into the top search engine results, you need to conduct both external and internal optimization of the resource. We distribute the time and efforts of specialists in such a way that the promotion of the site is as harmonious as possible. Only in this way, you can attract the maximum attention from search engines.

seo website promotion is carried out by a team of specialists who monthly generate a report using the graphs shown schematically in the image

Internal site optimization on Wordpress:


Selecting words for the semantic core;


Generation of correct sitemap and robots;


Setting up add-ons in the form of widgets and plugins;


Work with bugs in the inner core of the site;


Creating cross-references on the site;


Work with usability and improve user behavioral factors;


Filling each page in accordance with the available semantic core. For this purpose, optimized texts are written and meta descriptions of the page are filled in.

External site optimization on Wordpress:


Preparation of optimized materials for placement on third-party resources. Subsequently, they include links to the site being promoted;


Placement of optimized materials with links to your site in third-party forums. The same work is done with comments;


Relinking or buying links from sites that already have weight in the eyes of search engines;


Writing and posting press releases.

Quick SEO promotion cost calculation

In our company the average price of the service is lower than the market price. The final cost is calculated individually and depends on such factors:

  • Type of site
  • Competitiveness in the chosen niche
  • Resource age
  • Current optimization level
  • The quality of available content
  • Promotion goals set by the client
  • Promotion region

Our specialists will determine the option of promotion, which is able to bring your site to the top in the shortest possible time.

Why should you come to us

If it's important for you to get fast results that will last a long time, contact us. We have been working for 11 years. During this time our specialists have increased the traffic of 80 websites, which led to huge profits for their owners. Do you think it's time to expand and make yourself known to the whole world? The optimization of your website on Wordpress from our studio will help you!

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