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Maintaining the site on Opencart

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CMS Opencart - a free platform for creating online stores. You can work immediately after installation. The administrator views up-to-date information on transactions and sales on the main screen. Backups are created automatically. To maintain a site on Opencart you do not need to have special skills, the control panel is intuitive.

Prices and hosting

Opencart is downloaded for free, but it may require additional spending later on. Although free hostings exist, it is almost impossible to work on them because of the constant hangs. You need a plan with Apache, MySQl, support for PHP 5.3 + and at least 0.1 GB of RAM. The amount of memory depends on the number of products and images, but you rarely need more than 0.3 GB. It is desirable to clarify the support service, whether the hosting is combined with Opencart.

For the standard domain ".ru" you need to pay about 300 rubles per year, but sometimes it is given out for free as a gift to the server. The remaining costs are optional, they are associated with advanced extensions, exclusive themes.

Prices and hosting for Opencart

Design and templates

On the control panel there is a tab "Design", through which you can change and customize templates, banners, SEO URLs. There are paid and free layouts. Premium products cost about $60, but can be used on multiple sites. When choosing a template, you need to consider:

  • what features are offered;
  • what version of the engine it is developed on;
  • whether customers will be able to access the site from both a PC and a smartphone.

Paid themes provide either a trial version or a video review and screenshots. When reading user reviews, you should pay attention to whether there were any bugs during installation.

Working with the online store

Opencart works as an MVC, i.e. it consists of three components that can be modified individually. The program is expandable through add-ons, there are about 9,000 of them in the store. It is not necessary to add modules, because the following features are already built in:

  • product rating;
  • discounts and coupons;
  • image enlargement;
  • setting up the method of delivery;
  • section of the viewed pages;
  • offer of related products;
  • the ability to leave reviews, including through social networks;
  • buying things with or without packaging, calculating the price depending on the choice;
  • adding products to bookmarks for unauthorized users.
Maintaining the site on Opencart

The seller can use built-in tools to collect statistical data for different periods of time. OpenCart also integrates with various payment systems.

Category and product management

You can change and add categories by going to the "Catalog" section. After clicking on "General", names, descriptions, and metadata are entered. The characteristics of the product are edited through "Products". Through "Data" select the categories that will go into the menu on the start page. You can also add product codes such as SKU and EAN, specify location, price, size and other information. The "Links" subsection allows you to redirect the customer to the manufacturer's site or a related product page.

SEO optimization

The URL is accessed through "System" → "Settings" → "Server". Also in the settings in the tab "Basic" all the meta tags are entered: title, description, keys. For in-depth SEO optimization you will need to download an additional module, but many people are satisfied with the basic offer.

Opencart is suitable for running medium or large online stores. Its main advantage - the presence of built-in tools for sales and analytics. Missing elements can be downloaded. Integration with all the services of Yandex is useful.

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