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Site password recovery

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There are cases when access to the administrative panel of the CMS is lost and it is urgently necessary to restore it. Depending on the chosen platform, you can use various methods, which will be discussed in more detail. It is worth bearing in mind that to recover the password, you will need to have access to the administrator's mail or hosting.
You can use the instructions below, if you are not an expert - only at your own risk!

Site password recovery

Restore access to Wordpress


Restore via email. If for some reason the password you use all the time doesn't fit, the first thing you should do is try to restore it using the "Forgot Password" function. In the form that appears, enter your email address or name. A confirmation email will be sent to that email address. To restore access, follow the clear instructions. If this method is not effective or not applicable for some reason, you should consider other options.


FTP access to the site. In the topic folder, which is active on the site, you need to find the functions.php file. This can be done through the code editor. The file should be saved and uploaded to the same folder where you downloaded it (in UTF-8 encoding). After that, try to log in again. Login should be the same, and as a password entered "password".
On a note!  After successful authorization it is necessary to delete a line in the administrative panel, as with each new entry password will be overwritten. After that you should set your password.


Access to the database. If the above methods also failed, it is worth resorting to the following actions.

  • It is necessary to enter the database and find the file wp_users.
  • In the open form a table will appear. The first line is usually the data administrator.
  • In the column user_pass you need to change the information to "5f4dcc3b5aa765d61d8327deb882cf99" (without the quotes).
  • If the column user_activation_key has data, you need to clean them.
  • Launch the admin panel of the site and go through the standard authorization procedure. Instead of a password, enter "password", and then change it to your own.

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Restore access to Bitrix

If you cannot log in to the Bitrix, you can also resort to one of the existing password recovery methods.


The standard recovery procedure through the mailbox. When opening the authorization form, press the "forgot password" button. Specify the e-mail address, where a letter with further actions will be sent. Enter a new password.


Restore access for the administrator. This method allows you to restore the password for the first registered user, who is granted the corresponding administrator rights.


  1. Create a php file with the following content:
    echo $USER->Update(1,array('PASSWORD'=>'Bitrix*123456'));
    echo $USER->LAST_ERROR;
  2. Download the file via FTP to the root directory www/website-name/.
  3. Launch the file on the site https://website-address.ru/script-name.php. After the transition will be assigned a standard password, which can be changed to a new one after authorization.

Restore access to OpenCart

This platform also has several ways to recover your password.


Via e-mail.  The procedure is the same as in the case of the above-mentioned platforms.


Through the database.  Step-by-step restore:

  1. Through the PHPMYADMIN interface, start the database.
  2. Open the table "your database prefix + _user".
  3. Enter "5f4dcc3b5aa765d61d8327deb882cf99" (without quotation marks) in the field with the password.
  4. Log in to the site with the password "password" and change the password.

How to create a strong password

Site security and protection from hacking depends largely on the password you set. To make it reliable, it is worth adhering to the following tips:

  • Think of a unique password. Do not set the same password (or a similar one) for different sites, social networks. If one account is hacked, there's a good chance others will meet the same fate.
  • Passwords must be long. The longer and more complex the password, the safer it will be. The optimal value is considered to be 8-10 characters using letters and numbers.
  • Avoid combinations such as "12345678" or common expressions. Passwords should not be related to personal information (date of birth, full name).
  • Use a variety of characters - upper and lower case letters, signs, numbers, alternating with each other.
  • Keep passwords under protection. Don't count on your memory and keep all your passwords in your head. You can use special applications to store your passwords, for example, 1Password, LastPass.
Strong password for the site

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