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Restoring a website on Wordpress

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You can restore the site in two ways: with or without a backup. Copies are created automatically only in Business and eCommerce tariffs, the saving is daily. The backup can be accessed through the "Activity Log".

Full site recovery

From the database you can get into phpMyAdmin. You need to mark and delete all the tables. In the admin panel of hosting is an archive. It must be unpacked and returned to phpMyAdmin. After clicking on "Import", a window will appear where you need to select the SQL-file and click "Go". If everything is done correctly, the site will work again. There will be no images on the new site, as they are not stored in the database. They will have to download them again. The Broken Link Checker plugin will come in handy. Algorithm of work is:

  • Installing the plugin through the repository in the control panel. Obligatory activation.
  • Go to the section "Incorrect links". Here you will see which images have been removed and where they have been placed.
  • Re-download the images and, if necessary, update the links to them.

If the images are not already on your local device, you will have to use Archive.org. It allows you to download files from a backup version of the site.

Restore backup

The first thing to do is to open the Journal. The desired version can be searched by date, applied a filter, or found manually using the slider. When the event is found, you must hover the mouse over the ellipsis on the right side of the line. Clicking on the section concerning the restore to this point opens a menu with the components of the site. You must select the items to be returned. These can be:

  • Topics. The folder will return as it was at the specified time. Settings may not be restored, it depends on which theme was used.
  • Plugins. The situation is similar.
  • Mediafiles. Library with downloads will be restored, but files that were added to it after Autosave may be deleted.
  • Root folder.
  • WP-Content directory. WP-Content will be restored but not plugins and media files.
  • Database. Records, pages, comments and some plugins will be restored.
Restoring a website on Wordpress

When the checkboxes are checked, all you have to do is confirm the recovery. Depending on the size of the site, it will take from a couple of minutes to a couple of hours to process the data. When the procedure is complete, you will receive an email notification.

Backups are used when content has disappeared or new settings have taken the site out of order for some unknown reason. Plugins and themes often do not match each other, but restore does not always solve this problem.

Recovering files using software

You can write and recover files using Disk Drill. This utility can even recover data from storage after it has been formatted. There are two search modes - quick and deep scan.

The program restructures files and protects against unintentional destruction.

Caching Wordpress

The cache is temporary storage. If files and the database are in the cache, you can quickly restore them manually. Caching will work:

  • Pages. One copy is saved and given to each user. Minimal updates are made.
  • Objects. This can be page settings, messages, etc.
  • Data from social networks and independent sites. This caching is called end-to-end.

You can click the link once and save the data, and then open this version of the page every time you access it.

Wordpress is a stable program, but it also occasionally crashes. You can get back lost files in several ways: from the recycle garbage can, cache, a utility. A full site recovery is done with the help of a backup. Backups are made with the help of plugins, Wordpress has more than 1.5 variants built in.

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